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July 17, 2009 on 9:33 am | In Knitting, Life | 2 Comments

I’ve been catching up on the Knit Picks Podcasts and I’m up about 75% done (episode 104 just came out this week).  This  morning I was listening to episode 74 on the way to work and Kelley was talking about how everyone says they would love to work at Knit Picks but while it is indeed a great place to work the one draw back is “Creativity Overload”.  And I have to say that I’ve been feeling that way about Ravelry lately.  My list of must knit nows have grown and grown, here is what I’m currently dreaming of knitting…

But considering the last three sweaters I just had to have aren’t even started yet (Eris, Liv, and Ribby Cardi), I might do the Henry and Scott stuff first and then maybe start a sweater for myself.  The problem is that I have all these big dreams but not much time to pursue them.  Maybe two hours a night if I’m lucky.

And I still have to finish what I’m working on right now (sweater for Scott, socks for Scott, handspun socks for me, birthday socks for someone, and a lace shawl).  Clicking the links will get you to some progress pictures, but I’ll post the handspun socks here, because I’m so proud of them…

Last night  I joined Scott and his co-worker in the basement and kicked and punched some stuff.  It felt good.  I haven’t done any martial arts really since we left the kung fu school in 2003 and no tae kwon do since just after we moved to VA iin 2001.  And I haven’t really worked with a wooden dummy, so that was nice too.  I have done some Qiqong (chi kung) before and I’m not really a big fan of that.  I think maybe next time I’ll move to another part of the basement and do some yoga for my cool down instead.

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